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801st Tactical Fighter Wing TS Server:

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Welcome to the 801st Tactical Fighter Wing

Home of the:
412th Valkyries FS
413th White Tigers FS
414th Silver Dragons FS
415th Jokers FS

Our fighter wing is devoted to all people who share a common interest in flying Falcon 4, the most realistic military flight simulator currently available to the general public.

The 801st Tactical Fighter Wing was formed by a group of like-minded individuals with different backgrounds and countries from all over the world. A number of our members have real world military and fighter pilot experience and as such bring a wealth of knowledge and realism to our fighter wing. Military experience is by no means a requirement to join our group, membership is open to people from all walks of life who wish to share in our common interest.

Although our wing always strives for excellence in the cockpit, we never lose sight of the fact that flying on-line as a team is about having fun and enjoyment. In fact the most important rule of thumb for our wing is to have fun, maintain our sense of humour and enjoy the company of our team mates. The atmosphere on TeamSpeak at times is more like a group of guys at a pilot's bar, having a laugh and telling stories and jokes.

As a group flying a military grade flight simulator, we endeavour to create a feeling of military realism, so to that end we have organised our fighter wing loosely along military lines. This arrangement helps to provide our wing with a structure and allow for new members to join our training squadron and advance their careers within the fighter wing.

What would an on-line fighter wing be like with no place to meet and fly? the 801st TFW is proud of the work done by its members in setting up our website, forum and the hardware associated with our 24/7 campaign, 24/7 training and TeamSpeak servers.

Our main focus when flying on-line is to join in the rolling campaign taking place on our dedicated campaign server. This is an on-going war using the incredible Falcon 4 dynamic campaign; access is available 24/7 for all members.

We have devised an innovative idea of having a different theme for each campaign we fly. An example is our operation "Tequila" campaign, a Mexican theme where participating pilots are encouraged to adopt a campaign call sign associated with that theme. This idea helps create immersion in the campaign and makes for some hilarious communications on TeamSpeak.

By now you are thinking, "wow I would love to join, but do I measure up?" Well if you share the same love of flying Falcon 4 as the rest of our squadron, and you are willing to learn or bring in your own experience and knowledge and you are a team player - then you have the right stuff to join our squadron.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our glorious fighter wing. If you would like a piece of the action and fun, then you are most welcome to join our fighter wing.

Be part of a great team, join us and come and fly with the 801st Tactical Fighter Wing.

"Rebel" Squadron Commander - 413th White Tigers FS